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French Macaroons
I know its a week away from Shrove Tuesday but I still made pancakes!
These pancakes are just plain vanilla but I also use chocolate chips.
This time I served them with a little drizzle of maple syrup and some berries.

Flour ,Eggs , Sugar , Yogurt (any flavor you like) and a little milk! Oil (for frying)

Put the eggs , sugar , yogurt , milk and flour in a bowl and mix well . (If the mixture is too thick add some more milk)
Mix the batter throughly so that there is no lumps.
Pour oil in to the pan and let heat , and pour the batter on to the pan and fry. (Until golden.)

Equipment: Pyrex Glass jug , or a bowl and a jug.
Fork , Flipper and frying pan! (the most important thing).

                                                   Serve and Enjoy!

      My Pancakes Yummy!

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Ever think about making a mixed berry compote and sifting a bit of powdered sugar on top? Might make it that much more delicious :P

Yeah Il try that next time it sounds yummy , It sounds better because when you have the normal berries you cant get one in every bite! thanks for you ideas if you have anymore comment !

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