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Meringues With stewed Berries!
French Macaroons
Today I made Meringue and Stewed berries , 
I made it because I had lots of eggs and lots of strawberries , raspberries and blueberries!

Ingredients : 
Meringue: Egg Whites , Sugar and Vanilla Essence (not seeds)
Stewed Berries : Any Berries ( I used raspberries , strawberries and blueberries) ,
Sugar and Red Wine (bring to the boil to burn off alcohol ). 

Method : 
Meringues : Whip (whisk) egg whites until stiff , add sugar and whip until stiff ! Thats the Meringue made!
Pipe the meringues on to a tray with parchment paper and bake at 100C for and hour and a half.

Stewed Berries : 
Chop up the fruit and throw them in the pot add the sugar and red wine , and bring to the boil.
Then let it simmer until the meringue is ready!

Equipment :
Electric Mixer ,
Spatula ,
Pot , 
Mixing Bowl, 

Enjoy and Serve with whipped cream!

        There's My Yummy Meringues!

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Lol just realized, looks like you've macerated these berries, or almost nearly created a compote! Just put that on the pancakes, although perhaps leaving out the red wine :P

Yeah , you could probably add cranberry juice or just stick with the sugar water!

Btw, do you also utilize this site for personal journal usage or simply to keep track of your culinary excursions?

Mostly Culinary why?

Just wondering, I've like 4 blogs, 2 travel, 1 for beer, and 1 for personal use, so just was curious what you were using yours for :]

Oh Cool ! I only have one for cooking!

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