Writer's Block: Got the Munchies
French Macaroons
Chocolate or Nutella Crapes ! YuMmY

What is your favorite late-night snack?

Writer's Block: Singles Awareness Day
French Macaroons
Yeah Valentines Day is a good holiday but its blown out of proportion by shops and even the media like last year they released a movie "Valentines Day" on valentines day!  ~~~~~~~ <3 <3
Do you love or hate Valentine’s Day?

French Macaroons
I know its a week away from Shrove Tuesday but I still made pancakes!
These pancakes are just plain vanilla but I also use chocolate chips.
This time I served them with a little drizzle of maple syrup and some berries.

Flour ,Eggs , Sugar , Yogurt (any flavor you like) and a little milk! Oil (for frying)

Put the eggs , sugar , yogurt , milk and flour in a bowl and mix well . (If the mixture is too thick add some more milk)
Mix the batter throughly so that there is no lumps.
Pour oil in to the pan and let heat , and pour the batter on to the pan and fry. (Until golden.)

Equipment: Pyrex Glass jug , or a bowl and a jug.
Fork , Flipper and frying pan! (the most important thing).

                                                   Serve and Enjoy!

      My Pancakes Yummy!

Meringues With stewed Berries!
French Macaroons
Today I made Meringue and Stewed berries , 
I made it because I had lots of eggs and lots of strawberries , raspberries and blueberries!

Ingredients : 
Meringue: Egg Whites , Sugar and Vanilla Essence (not seeds)
Stewed Berries : Any Berries ( I used raspberries , strawberries and blueberries) ,
Sugar and Red Wine (bring to the boil to burn off alcohol ). 

Method : 
Meringues : Whip (whisk) egg whites until stiff , add sugar and whip until stiff ! Thats the Meringue made!
Pipe the meringues on to a tray with parchment paper and bake at 100C for and hour and a half.

Stewed Berries : 
Chop up the fruit and throw them in the pot add the sugar and red wine , and bring to the boil.
Then let it simmer until the meringue is ready!

Equipment :
Electric Mixer ,
Spatula ,
Pot , 
Mixing Bowl, 

Enjoy and Serve with whipped cream!

        There's My Yummy Meringues!

Sweet Chilli Chicken Noodles.
French Macaroons
I made Sweet Chili Chicken Noodles Today ! If you like Sweet Chili this i the dish for you !
Sweet Chili Sauce
Soy Sauce

Wok (frying pan)
Wooden Spoon (Salad thongs)

Boil Noodles
Heat Wok (frying pan) put chicken and soy sauce in and cook through
Strain Noodles and put back into pot add chicken and sweet chili sauce and toss
Serve and Enjoy

             My Sweet Chili Noodles

My First Post !
French Macaroons
Hey Bloggers ,

This is my first post on my blog! This blog is about baking and cooking, every thing i'm cooking im going to blog about recipes and method! 
thanks enjoy the blog !



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